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This is our English web page. Here you find basic information about our organisation.

MIK is the address to go to for reasonably priced and professional child care services. So if you are looking for child care, all you have to do is phone MIK. And, with MIK behind you, it will be possible to combine work and looking after the children properly.

We look after the ” small things”. That is after all, our job. And you can apply it very broadly. From literally looking after the smallest babies, to listening to the schoolchildren who want to tell us all their important news. But don’t forget the aspects of child development, learning things, playing together, having fun, eating and sleeping, changing nappies, rough and tumble games. In short, enjoying being together. Qualified staff are on hand to guide the children. Their education and experience enable them to judge just what a child is capable of and wants to do, what it is ready for.

MIK takes the care for the children off your hands, but does not take the responsibility away from you. We look after the children together. That’s why we find it important to keep in touch with each other – to talk about the important things and the fun things. So that you know what your child has been up to.

A good atmosphere and a sense of well-being is important to both parents and children. Your wishes and needs are of vital importance to MIK. Are you looking for somewhere to look after your children where consideration is given to their development, in a safe environment with warmth and security? Then choose MIK.

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