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Information payments and compensation (English)

Information payments and compensation (English)

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Update June 17th: 
Children from 0-6years with a cold can go to childcare. RIVM has amended the guideline for children with a cold - for childcare and groups 1 and 2 of primary school. That is why we adjust our policy in accordance with this new guideline. Children from 0 to 4 years old with a cold WITHOUT FEVER can go to childcare, unless they are in contact with a patient with a confirmed COVID-19 infection or have an adult family member with symptoms appropriate to COVID-19. The same also applies to children aged 4 to 6 at the BSO and children who are in primary school groups 1 or 2 and who can go to school WITHOUT FEVER. Young children have frequent colds and were first not allowed to come to the KDV or the BSO with a runny nose because the common cold can be a symptom of COVID-19. However, COVID-19 has a low impact on children and their role in the spread of COVID-19 appears to be limited. 

We are delighted that all our childcare locations are open again from May 11th. In addition, from 8th June the schools will be fully open and so the out-of-school care (BSO) will also be fully open. In this message we would like to give you information about the current measures and the compensation of the parental contribution. 

In recent weeks, a lot of work has been done on a national level to find a process for this compensation. This took time because the government and childcare organisations wanted the simplest possible arrangement: minimal extra work for parents and child care organisations, maintaining the privacy of the parent, and a meticulous execution that will minimise errors. 

We are pleased to inform you that the compensation regulations for the parental contribution is now complete. In this letter we will explain the details outlining what we ask of you and what you can expect from us. On completion we hope you will know where you stand financially. 

The structure of the childcare invoice is always as follows. You are reimbursed part of the costs for childcare via the childcare allowance (kinderopvangtoeslag) and there is a part of the costs that you pay yourself; that is your personal contribution. You pay the entire amount of the invoice to us as a childcare organisation.

The government will compensate for the time missed due to the Corona Crisis, the contribution of parents to the maximum hour rate used by the tax authorities. For “kinderdagverblijven en peuterspeelzalen” (nurseries and playgroups), this is €8.17 per hour, for “BSO”(out-of-school care) €7.02 per hour, for “gastouderopvang” (childminder childcare) € 6.27 per hour. Our hourly rate is above the maximum hourly rate. We as a childcare organisation will pay the difference between the maximum hourly rate and the hourly rate that we charge to you. This means that the full cost (of the period 16th March to 8th June) will be reimbursed to you; partly through the government in the form of a subsidy and partly through us MIK.

In principle we require no further action from you. You do not have to contact the government or us as an organisation. The amount you receive from our organisation will be transferred on mid July to the account number known to us. The money you receive from the government is paid by the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), and will be paid into the account where your childcare allowance is received. The portion you receive from the government will be a one-off payment from the period 16th March through to 8th June. All parents who are entitled to compensation will receive a letter from the SVB at the end of June. This letter states that you will receive a one-off payment in your account on 8th July. To see the amount and the calculation of the amount, you can go to the SVB website where you can log in with your DigiD (My SVB). This is possible from 20 June onwards. You can also see the data with which the 'Belastingdienst' has calculated the reimbursement 'personal contribution for childcare'. In addition, a 088 number will be made available at a later time, which you can call with questions that you cannot find on the website. The Social Insurance Bank (SVB) website has also been online since this week. You can find information about the reimbursement, the way in which the amount is calculated and what you can do if you disagree with the amount on svb.nl/nl/verallowance-kinderopvang.

When do you have to take action yourself? 
If your income is reduced over the period of time the childcare location has been closed, we ask you to inform the Belastingdienst via mijntoeslagen.nl as soon as possible. When your income is reduced, you are entitled to a higher amount of childcare allowance. This modification can be made through the Belastingdienst and should be processed by the next payment of your childcare benefit.

What if I do not receive a childcare allowance? 
We understand that you as well are waiting for clarity about possible compensation. It is however not yet clear whether compensation is possible for parents who do not receive a childcare allowance and who pay the childcare costs entirely themselves. The government is investigating this option and will come to a solution at a later date. In the declaration of intent, there are no distinctions made, therefore we assume that this will be solved at a later time.

What do we ask of you? 
We ask you to pay the invoice like you normally do. We will execute the collection of childcare fees for the month of May on April 30th. We ask you not to stop or reverse this collection, even if you are not currently using childcare. There are several reasons why we ask you to pay the invoice:

1. We are able to continue to provide emergency childcare to children of parents working in the vital sectors.

2. You will keep your right to childcare allowance. 

3. Your child’s place at their location will remain.

4. When your childcare location re-opens, your child can return to the normal rhythm with trusted and familiar caregivers.

Even if you do not use the emergency childcare all costs incurred will be reimbursed (if you are receiving childcare allowance). 

If you have stopped the collection of fees we request that you still pay the invoice for March, April and May. If you have issues with this, we ask you to contact us via debiteuren@mik-kinderopvang.nl.


  • If you have paid your invoice in March, April and May, you will receive your own contribution back. The government will go by the data as known to the 'Belastingdienst'. 
  • Mid July will the part of your own contribution, which consists of the amount you paid above our maximum hourly rate, be repaid by us. 
  • The amount repaid by the government will be a one-off payment, paid at 8th July.
  • Emergency care is free of charge. Parents who use the emergency childcare –even if they were to use more hours than agreed upon, will not need to pay any extra. 
  • If your income drops during the closure period we ask you to inform the Belastingdienst via mijntoeslagen.nl

If you have any questions , you can always contact us via planning@mik-kinderopvang.nl

You can also consult the government website: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/veel asked-vragen-per-onderwerp/kinderopvang/ouders

Finally, we would like to thank you for your support, your understanding and the attentive messages during this time. It is a strange time, but it's heartwarming to see how involved everyone is and this implies trust in MIK.

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